Intersection Between Interpersonal Violence Exposure and Military Service / 20 February 2014

Presented by: BWJP

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm (Central Time)

The Battered Women's Justice Project (BWJP) is pleased to announce a webinar on the intersection between interpersonal violence exposure and military service. Women make up about 15% of the active duty force. Like women in the civilian community, women in the military are sometimes victims of interpersonal violence. The violence can occur before, during, and/or after military service and may be at the hands of an intimate partner or perpetrated by others. This webinar will present data from research conducted in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. Women veterans were surveyed and interviewed about their experiences with intimate partner violence victimization and sexual assault while in the military and how these experiences affected their military service. Whether you work in Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or in a community-based program, this webinar will enhance your knowledge of the experiences of women who choose to serve our country that can be applied to improving the services provided for these women.

Presenter: Melissa Dichter, MSW, PhD, Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP), Philadelphia VA Medical Center

Discussants: Greg Jacob, Policy Director, Service Women’s Action Network, Veteran of the United States Marine Corps; Glenna Tinney, Military Advocacy Program Coordinator, BWJP

Moderator: Glenna Tinney, Military Advocacy Program Coordinator, BWJP

Description: This webinar will address interpersonal violence victimization, including intimate partner violence and sexual assault in the context of military employment and how and why this is different for women in the military than for women in the civilian community. Did you know that some women enter and/or leave military service because they are coerced to do so by an abusive intimate partner? Were you aware that interpersonal violence victimization may affect military promotion or the ability to remain in the military? What is the role of the service member’s commander in responding to interpersonal violence victimization? This webinar provides an opportunity to hear about current research and from a former commander about his observations and experiences with responding to interpersonal violence in the context of military service.

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