Teen Protection Orders – Research and Advocacy / 3 June 2013

2013 Series on Researcher/Practitioner Discourse on VAW

Date: Monday, June 3, 2013
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm Central Time
Location: Your Desk

Presenter: Andrew R. Klein, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Associate at Advocates for Human Potential.

Discussant: Andrew Sta. Ana is the Supervising Attorney at Day One’s direct legal services program.

Content: Dr. Klein will review the findings and recommendations of the NYS Teen PO study. It is the first to examine implementation of POs to address teen dating violence. New York amended its OP statute effective July 2008 to allow juvenile and teens without a child in common to obtain OPs for dating violence. As a result, examination of all orders involving juvenile and teen petitioners, through age 18, in 2009 and 2010, represents a study of a new legal remedy for teen dating violence, still a work in progress.

While not as yet widely utilized by teen dating violence victims, the research suggests such orders potentially constitute an important tool for teen victims in terms of deterring future violence. Teen victims in this study were satisfied with the process and outcomes of their OP applications. However, given lack of police involvement in episodes of teen dating violence, without an alternative network of adults, including parents and school personnel, to inform teens of OPs and assistance teens in obtaining them, the expanded use of OPs for dating violence will remain limited. New York courts face a challenge in accommodating petitioners in terms immediate access to the courts and enhancement of OP process so that petitioners may obtain final, longer lasting orders.

Further investigation is needed to understand why New York Family Courts do not issue final orders despite evidence that the majority of the teen petitioners did return as requested for hearings. It may be that there is a breakdown in police service of temporary orders to respondents. It may be that Family Courts are not the best courts for these hearings.

Attorney Sta. Ana will explore OP process issues. He will address the importance of tailoring PO relief requests to the individual needs of teens. He will also discuss implementation of orders issued, including safety planning and advocacy with their families and in all the relevant venues where teens attend school, live, work, engage in athletics, etc. Advocacy with parents, teachers, school administration, coaches, employers is often more critical for teens than for adult victims - perhaps because these stakeholders are not ready to respect the agency and autonomy of teen survivors.

Articles: Klein, et al. (2013). “An Exploratory Study of Juvenile Orders of Protection as a Remedy for Dating Violence.”

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