Advocacy - A Force for Change / 16 October 2012

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Date: Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
Time: 2:00pm-3:30pm Central Time
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Speakers: Denise Eng, manages the Praxis Blueprint for Safety Adaptation Demonstration Initiative in partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, and the Praxis Institutional Analysis (formerly known as Safety and Accountability Audit) program and Sandy Davidson, currently manages the Advocacy Learning Center (ALC), a unique national program funded by the Office on Violence Against Women that brings advocates from across the continent together to share wisdom on how to end physical and sexual violence that affects women and their children.

Content: Presenters will explore the expanded meaning of advocacy as standing with and giving voice to those whose voices have been subdued, working with people who have less power to change what people in power do, changing what an institution does that worsens or fails to improve situations women face, and linking to progressive efforts for structural change. Discussion will also focus on the importance of engaging with communities in a movement toward justice.  According to Archbishop Desmond Tutu achieving justice requires three things: that the truth of our lives and what has happened to us be told, that the harm we have experienced be repaired to the greatest extent possible, and that the conditions that gave rise to the violence be eradicated.

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