Responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Enhancing Skills for Police and Prosecutors / 3 - 5 April 2012

Miami, FL
A Training for Police Officers, Prosecutors and Advocates

About the Training: This training is designed to enhance the skills of police and prosecutors, and their ability to handle some of the most challenging and complicated issues of domestic violence and sexual assault investigation and prosecution. Faculty will provide useful strategies and practices for law enforcement officers and prosecutors to utilize in crafting an appropriate response to specific issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Who Should Attend: Law enforcement officers, advocates and prosecutors who are Arrest Grantees (GTEAP)/CDS grantees.

Attendees NOT needing a hotel room MAY NOT register at this time.  Please call Jeanne Larson @ 612-824-8768 x101 with questions.


  • How the Blueprint for Safety Changed our Response to Domestic Violence
    Saint Paul Police Department
  • Victim Intimidation and Witness Tampering: Identification, Investigation, Documentation
    AEquitas Staff
  • Importance of a CCR Response to Sexual Assault
    AEquitas Staff
  • Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence Offenders: Veterans and Co-occurring Conditions
    Glenna Tinney, BWJP  Military Project Coordinator, BWJP
  • Responding to Immigrant Victims in “Secure Communities”
    Rosie Hidalgo, J.D., Casa de Esperanza


  • Investigating and Prosecuting Drug/Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault Crimes
    AEquitas Staff
  • Domestic Violence Barricades and Hostage Negotiation
    Dave Thomas, Johns Hopkins University
  • Gangs and Domestic Violence    
    Marc A. Guillory, Assistant District Attorney, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office
  • Expert Witnesses
    AEquitas Staff
  • Victim Engagement Strategies
    Denise Eng, Praxis International and St. Paul Police Department  
  • Developing and Enforcing Firearms Policies
    Millicent Shaw-Phipps, National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit and Pete Helein, Appleton WI, PD (ret)
  • Context, Self-Defense, and the Predominant Aggressor Determination
    Dave Thomas, Johns Hopkins University
  • Investigating and Prosecuting Interpersonal Patterns of Stalking
    Marc A. Guillory, Assistant District Attorney, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office
  • Investigating and Prosecuting Interpersonal Sexual Violence
    AEquitas Staff
  • U-Visas: What Police and Advocates need to know
    Rosie Hidalgo, J.D., Casa de Esperanza
  • Overcoming Obstacles to the Full Enforcement of Protection Orders
    Millicent Shaw Phipps, National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit, Pete J. Helein, Deputy Chief of Appleton Wisconsin Police Department
  • Crawford Implications for Police and Prosecutors
    AEquitas Staff
  • System Responses when Police Officers are Identified as Suspects and/or Victims in Domestic Violence Cases
    Dave Thomas, Johns Hopkins University

Registration is open to GTEAP (Arrest) Grantees ONLY and you must use your
OVW-issued grant number to register for this training.

Confirmation email comes from Check your junk mail!!  Cancellations and name changes must be made in writing.  Remember, do not make travel arrangements until your registration is confirmed. 

Funded by the Office on Violence Against Women, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Health and Human Services
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