Training Details

Enhancing Existing Partnerships to Hold Dangerous Abusers Accountable / 30 July - 1 August 2019

San Diego, CA
For OVW ICJR Grantees

This conference will help both new and experienced CCR teams improve their practices in identifying, investigating, documenting, and prosecuting cases that involve strangulation, stalking, abuse of technology, and firearms.

As a result of this conference, you will be better able to:

  1. Analyze the reasons why strangulation, stalking, the abuse of technology and firearms raise risk and danger to victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual violence;
  2. Tailor specific responses to address both victim safety and offender accountability in potentially lethal cases.
  3. Investigate and prosecute offenders who strangle, stalk, abuse technology and firearms to promote accountability;
  4. Collect and preserve evidence of strangling, stalking, tech abuse, the presence of firearms;
  5. Draft detailed written reports and improve prosecution outcomes.
  6. Empower victims through sound trauma-informed investigations and prosecutions of IPV and sexual violence;
  7. Continue to enhance existing partnerships to strengthen your jurisdiction’s response to dangerous offenders;
  8. Design action plans which will reflect future changes to current practices in your community to hold offenders accountable and centralize victim safety.

Who Should Attend
This event is currently open to OVW grantees that receive funding from the Improving Criminal Justice Responses (ICJR), and will open up to STOP, and Rural programs. First priority is given to OVW funded ICJR Grantees.  Grantees are strongly encouraged to attend the conference in multidisciplinary teams involved in a Coordinated Community Response. Teams should include representatives from law enforcement, prosecution, and advocacy.

There is no registration fee to attend this training. Participants are responsible for their own airfare, meals and lodging. The hotel is the Town & Country and lodging expenses are at the Government Per Diem rate of $174.00 for single occupancy or double occupancy, this does NOT include the 12.5% sales tax, per night (total $196.28). Hotel information and how to make a reservation is included in your confirmation once you register. Check you junk email box!


For questions related to the content of the conference, please contact Sujata Warrier, BWJP Director Training and TA: 612-824-8768 x116,
For questions related to conference logistics or OVW grants, please contact Jeanne Larson, CGMP, at BWJP: 612-824-8768, x101;

You will receive a confirmation upon completion of your registration to the email address you submit on your registration form. This confirmation includes instructions and deadlines for making your hotel reservations. If you do NOT receive this confirmation (check your junk email) please contact Jeanne Larson and she will send you a copy. Thank you!